Vegetarian clarification

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Football is for Girls pointed out an error in my last post when I said that my friend and I weren’t vegetarians like the Cullens.

“Actually, you are vegetarians exactly like the Cullens. Haha.”

And she is right! I couldn’t help but giggle when I read her comment. Something in common with Edward. Imagine that …

By the way, I read the first three books in the series in a week. I’m about three-quarters of the way through Breaking Dawn with plans to read Midnight Sun once I’m finished. Then I must give my eyes a break! Probably by watching the movie again. 🙂

Edward lives up to the hype … so far

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My friend Devilish Southern Belle brought over her copy, um, copies of Twilight this morning, and after grabbing a couple of bacon, egg and cheese biscuits (we’re not vegetarians like the Cullens) we settled in to watch Edward and the rest of the vampire gang.

Yeah. It lives up to the hype … Edward is more than I expected. However, I do wish the lighting wasn’t so dark. I would like to see his face and his eyes more clearly. And I totally dig the sparkly skin. If I saw a dude sparkling like that, I’d probably ask what kind of makeup he was wearing. The effect was nice.

Bella wasn’t nearly as annoying in the movie as she is in the book. Really. No one can be that clumsy; it’s such a predictable setup to draw blood.

The plot seemed to jump from one event to the next too fast; it wasn’t cohesive enough and didn’t give the characters time to grow, but that’s the movies for you. Only 2 hours or so to cram in the story.

I’m going to watch it again and pause on sparkly Edward. Bella was right about that: He is beautiful in that scene.

I finished New Moon and just started Eclipse last night. New Moon was a bit over the top but interesting. I did miss Edward. So far, Eclipse is keeping me reading … I hope it answers some “creation” questions. But don’t tell me … I HATE spoilers!

And I’m sure when New Moon hits theaters I’ll be there this time.

Twilight takes me back

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I resisted all the hype and hoopla … until Sunday when I picked up Twilight. I finished today (Tuesday) sitting in the parking lot of Books-a-Million, and immediately after, I walked inside and bought New Moon. Yes, watching the movie is on my list of things to do. I think I need to watch it alone, though, to take in the glory that is Robert Pattinson. Thanks to the trailers that I watched just a few minutes ago, I’m sure he’ll live up to my expectations.
Although the writing isn’t the greatest, it’s the story that drew me in and kept me turning pages until 3:30 this morning, when I realized I had a knot in my stomach and that the wind was rattling the bedroom windows. I knew I better stop reading or I’d scare myself silly. I need to read the next book during the day or at least make sure Ryan is still awake.

Even at 37, I could relate to the love story … I remembered feeling that way about a boy back in high school. Giddy and nervous when I was around him. Disappointed if he wasn’t at school. Even though we never got together, the tension was there and I remember it well. But as far as I know, he wasn’t a vampire. 😉

The story is every high school girl’s fantasy: the boy who loves you more than life itself.