Sound Check Mama

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Interesting name for a blog, isn’t it? I chose it for two reasons: because we have to check that Riley is hearing with her implants every day and because we love music.

We use the Ling 6 Sounds to make sure her implants are working properly and that she is hearing all the sounds she needs to to understand what’s being said. Daniel Ling, an expert in audiology and hearing loss, developed the system.

Ling 6

Of course, sound check also refers to what musicians do before a show to make sure their instruments, amps, microphones, speakers and voices work properly.

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  1. Love your blog, I’ve added it my looong list of the ones I read regularly. I’ll be looking from updates throughout Ms. Barbie Princess’ journey … aka Riley. p.s. I don’t blame her for holding on to all those Barbies, we don’t want them falling off the bed now do we?

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