Flashback: 1st Month (11-13-2001, 3:15 p.m.)

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This first month with you has been beyond anything I could imagine. Your soft cheeks, your sweet smells, your beautiful sighs and cries, and your gorgeous face are worth the nine months I carried you inside me.

Even though the 3 or 4 a.m. feedings are hard, when I look at you it’s all OK. My life has changed forever, but it’s a wonderful, amazing change!

You’ve changed so much since the day you were born! You’re bigger and longer. Your fingers are getting plumper, your lips are pinker, your head is rounder and you’re sweeter every day.

You watch me and Papa walk around and you “talk” back to us when we talk to you. I know you’re learning new things every day while you’re awake. That’s why I don’t mind if you stay awake. You’re sleeping good at night and eating well and growing and that’s the most important thing.

Well, you’re calling me now so I’ll stop until later.


You know it seemed like she could hear us at this point, because I wrote that she was “talking” back to us. But apparently all babies babble, and maybe Riley was just imitating the movement of our mouths. Going back over all this is fun, but at times it’s also painful. If only we’d known sooner.

But then I snap back and realize that she’s perfect now. And we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.

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  1. Aha! Here you are, Tiffani…I look forward to reading about you and your beautiful Riley…*smile* Jodi

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