Bilateral anniversary

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Today is the first anniversary of Riley going bilateral. We sent Dr. Woolley a photo and note thanking him for helping her hear. He sent a nice one back. I also sent a card to Riley at school to mark the day.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year. The left CI has made such a difference in her speech recognition and expressive language skills. Yes, we still have work to do, but she catches on so much faster now. Why, it’s like having two ears! (almost)

And even though you’ve probably seen these photos before, I’m posting them again. 🙂

Leaving for the hotel the day before surgery

Family Portrait while waiting to go to OR

Just after surgery: I want a drink

Family Portrait after surgery

Our sleepy girl

Comforted by her Disney Princesses

“I’m going home, back to the place where I belong …”

At last, home in the big bed

We have a photo where I’m holding a days old Riley like this; she wanted to re-enact it, so we did.

Artwork while in recovery

My folks brought her the Barbie Big Wheel that was supposed to be a Christmas present, but because there was trouble putting it together it was delayed until now. 🙂

Taking a break from cruising on her Big Wheel in her Dorothy the Dinosaur hat, 5 days after surgery.

Thanks for reading … again!

0 thoughts on “Bilateral anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversay. Riley is so cute. She handled surgery better than I did. I was a mess. I am going to ask the doctor why I only got a plain white bandage. I would have loved pink.Valerie

  2. Just a few more days and Brook will have been bilateral for a year. She had her second surgery on April 30 I do believe. LOve, Love, Love Dr. Woolley, big fans of that man! He made both my babies hear!

  3. Thanks, y’all!And, Val in AL, isn’t Dr. Woolley just the nicest, sweetest and cutest doc ever? LOLTiffani

  4. You know it! But because he’s so nice, caring, and such a good doctor…it makes him even cuter! Love him, and we tell him that anytime we see him. Gage said at age four (after he was implanted)that he loved him as much as Jesus and Santa CLause! lol, I think the good doc got a kick out of that.

  5. Late, late, but a very happy anniversary to you — so good to see your little one thriving! Hey, we’re a bit envious of the pink bandages, too! We’ll have to insist on them when we go in for #2.

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