Hangin’ Tough

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Heaven. Seriously.

I am not even kidding, New Kids on the Block are still so hot. The show was amazing; I haven’t heard that much screaming in years, not even for Bon Jovi. When we opened the door from the lobby area to go inside, it was so loud that my hair blew away from my face. The noise literally blew us back. Incredible.

My sis-in-law and I were giddy like kiddies (/Jason Castro) while waiting for the lights to go down. SIL’s cousin and three more friends were there, too. I want to say the guys made me feel like a teenager again, but the thoughts I was having were not teenager thoughts. heh heh

They opened the show with Single and my gosh did they sound good. Better than I expected. And, no, they were not lip-syncing, so pipe down all you haters.

My heart will always belong to Donnie; dude has become a real Grown Man, lemme tell ya. He defies description; he’s such a dirty boy, but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Jordan’s not looking too bad himself, and Danny, well, he’s got some pipes, and I’m not talking about his singing. (I secretly loved him, too, ’cause he can move.) Joey has become a good-looking man, and Jon is as cute as ever.

From Single they went into My Favorite Girl, which I videoed. I don’t remember being so shaky, but the video proves it. Is that pathetic or what? I can’t remember the order of the set list but they also did:

Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind)
Please Don’t Go Girl
You Got It (The Right Stuff)
I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)
Cover Girl
Step by Step
Baby, I Believe in You
Valentine Girl
If You Go Away
Give It to You (Jordan)
Stay the Same (Joey)
We Will Rock You
Click Click Click
2 in the Morning
Grown Man
Dirty Dancing

While the whole show was one big highlight reel, my particular favorites were:

Baby, I Believe in You – Jordan’s shirt somehow got unbuttoned during this song. For some reason, we all loved it.

Click Click Click – The more I listen to this one, the more I like it. And I’m listening a lot. “Pose for me, pose for me …”

Dirty Dancing – This would’ve been the only time floor seats in the back wouldn’t have sucked. A small rotating stage was set up near the back with a piano and the guys. “Ooo, It’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze …”

Cover Girl – Donnie strapped on a guitar and played a little to open this one.

Grown Man – Oh, my, my, my, Donnie is so good, but so bad in this song. Photographic evidence below. Brace yourself for some dirty dancing.

They closed the show with Hangin’ Tough in their beloved Boston Celtics jerseys.

Guys, please don’t make me wait another 15 years to see you again. I had a blast and would do all again tonight if I could. Peace!

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