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Riley is spending the week with my parents, and I call every day to talk to her. I called this morning and my dad told me something she said that nearly broke his and my heart.

Riley: “Pawpaw, why do have to wear implants? Why can’t I talk?”

After a choked-up pause, Daddy told her, “You can talk as good as anybody else. You sound just fine.”

He said it broke him up to hear her say that and wondered if someone had told her she couldn’t talk right.

It’s possible, but I certainly hope not.

When she gets in a big hurry, we tell her to slow down and use her words, but we never tell her she can’t talk correctly. We just tell her to use her words so everyone can understand her.

I hope that hasn’t prompted her questions. Looks like it’s time for more positive reinforcement.

By the way, she’s sounded awesome on the phone this week, appropriately answering all my questions about Vacation Bible School, doing math with Pawpaw and having fun.

And the best thing, I hear every day? “I love you!”

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  1. Awww, You need to give her some good and "smart" comebacks for if anyone says anything….like "my brain is so smart, it works faster than my mouth" and laugh it off.Love her, and girl look you with some "me" time…..jealous! lol

  2. Just keep doing everything you are doing! I grew up with negative comments daily – you can't hear, you can't speak, you are not good enough. My mom tackled all of them by saying daily positive comments. When I finally decided to become an educator, I told my mom the reason was so NO child ever had to hear they were not good enough! So look that wonderful child in the eyes and tell her daily, you can speak, you can hear, and most importantly you are fantastic!

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