Hearing Anniversary: Cochlear Implant

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Six years ago today we saw our lives change with the help of amazing technology, amazing doctors and nurses, amazing audiologists, amazing therapists and amazing family and friends. See for yourself:

Right now she’s using her bionic hearing accessories to listen to Spongebob, dance to “Get Up Offa That Thang,” sing to “All In This Together” from “High School Musical” and read “Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook.” Life is sweet!

0 thoughts on “Hearing Anniversary: Cochlear Implant

  1. I remember watching that video last year and laughing through tears. Got me the same way again!You are such a wonderful advocate for Cochlear Implants – the whole family flat out ROCKS. WTG, y'all! <3

  2. Totally tearing up watching that. I'm just wrapping up an article about people working with a disability. It was humbling to talk with them and hear their stories. This is truly amazing technology. xo

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